Vogue: Inside Oaxaca’s Secret Desert Mezcal Festival

Fashion’s world most important magazine was in Oaxaca for a “secret  festival” and for what we can tell, they loved the experience!

VOGUE; the magazine that has stablished the rules on fashion magazines and that by many readers is the bible for fashion, editorial, graphic and even pattern design -besides also being the guide to an elegant and stylish lifestyle- joined us to our last #MezcalAmoresExperience and they made an article about it named: “One Night Only: Inside Oaxaca’s Secret Desert Mezcal Festival”, where they start off by explaining the complexity of this distilled beverage, and also, how one sip started a night full of magic in one of our agaves’ fields.

If you want to get more info about the agave process, just click here and discover how, with the help of our maestros mezcalerors, we transform the sun’s blood; into an elixir for living and sharing mystical moments.

Read VOGUE’s full article clicking here.