The Guardian: “Mezcal is everything tequila is not.”

The Guardian, one of the oldest and most important papers in the UK and the world, got inside the mezcal grounds of Oaxaca, and if you allow us to be more specific, in our palenque.

This great British paper made quite a complex and very proper portrait of the Mezcal culture, not only by witnessing the process in first hand, but also after learning all the different qualities and processes that put mezcal apart -and even on top- of tequila; all, while they were also enjoying the cultural and gastronomic offer that Oaxaca has to offer, which as plenty and beautiful, as unique.

If you want to know more of our beloved distilled process and how this separates from tequila, just click here, and embrace the clompexity of the agave, mystical and wonder plant that The Guardian describe though their own eyes.