Love for Mexico is worldwide with Mezcal Amarás

Mezcal Amores/Amarás, the mezcal that honors Mexico and its producing communities, is now available in Canada, Dominican Republic, Japan, Greece and Israel.

For Mezcal Amores/Amarás founders, it’s been always essential to position mezcal as the authentic Mexican beverage and so to share it with everyone around the world, not only to drink, but also as a sustainable and conscious project that could be use to share the passion and devotion Mexico’s roots and so to take our traditions all over the world.

In Mezcal Amores, we use agaves that absorb solar energy from 6 to 30 years until they reach its maturity point, then when energy is at its peak, we capture it and share it in and out the country.

In each and everyone of the countries we enter, we work within strategic importers; partners who actually, have more than passion for spirits, but also a deep love for mezcal. Meet some of our new partners: Mangosteen in Japan, Consorcio Solano SRL in Dominican Republic, Tsaknakis Bros in Greece, Tank in Canada and Miki Not in Israel.

Cada uno de estos nuevos socios, entiende y respalda la Filosofía Amores, con la que aseguramos la preservación de la tierra donde sembramos, cosechamos y producimos mezcal para futuras generaciones, además de estar comprometidos con nosotros en apoyar a las comunidades locales a través de los maestros mezcaleros, campesinos y la economía local en todas las zonas donde producimos.

Each one of these new partners, understands and backs the Amores Philosophy, which ensures the preservation of the land where our agaves grow for all the future generations, besides keeping a true promise of commitment with the local communities through our Maestros Mezcaleros, farmers, and all the people working and striving in the states where our agaves grow.


For the land, mezcal, for the world, mezcal as well.