Mezcal Amarás Appoints Shelley Turner as U. S. Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations

We’re happy to share with you our official announcement regarding the appointment of Shelley Turner as our new Senior VP in the US. Right below you’ll the official press release:


Mexico City, January 14, 2020 — Mezcal De Amor S.A.P.I. De C.V. (owners of Mezcal Amores in Mexico; known in the United States as Mezcal Amarás) announced the appointment of Shelley Turner as Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations; further expanding its sales and marketing efforts in the United States.

Ms. Turner was appointed SVP of Sales and Operations in the United States, reporting to Enrique Gavica, CEO of Mezcal Amarás; “We are very pleased to have Shelley join our team in the U.S.; we are certain that her extensive industry expertise and leadership will help us reach our goals and consolidate our position in the U.S.; establishing Casa Amarás as the leading independent artisanal mezcal in the United States” said Gavica.

Ms. Turner has enjoyed a successful 30-year career in the adult beverage business and has a proven record of developing high performance teams.






Prior to Mezcal Amaras; Ms. Turner was the VP of Sales for Q Artisanal Cocktail Mixers, leading the brand to explosive U.S. growth. Even more, prior to Q Mixers; Shelley managed Stolichnaya Vodka and Moët Hennessy in their largest markets and was instrumental; in launching Belvedere vodka in the United States and Canada.

“I am excited to work with this unique brand to establish the mezcal category in the United States, while building an understanding of the complexity of this spirit; through education, tastings and brand experiences both within the trade and among consumers.  Our main goal at Casa Amarás; is to become the leading artisanal mezcal portfolio in the U.S., sharing our philosophy of respect for the land, community and art of the Maestros Mezcaleros” reflected Ms. Turner.

Ms. Turner will also lead the Amarás team in its strategy to strengthen distributor and brand partnerships; supported by a sales force that will showcase the brand in the U.S. market.


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Mezcal Amarás Will Expand Marketing & Sales Efforts in the US

Mezcal Amarás is set to expand its sales and marketing efforts in the United States

Amarás will move its U.S. operations from Hotaling and Co. to MHW LTD.

Mezcal Amarás is a fully integrated and truly sustainable mezcal operation with a Seed to Sip approach to their products.

Mexico City, May 29, 2019 — Mezcal De Amor S.A.P.I. De C.V.; owners of Mezcal Amores in Mexico and known in the United States as Mezcal Amarás; announced today that they are expanding their sales and marketing in the U.S. and also; they have engaged MHW as its new importer. Currently, Mezcal Amarás is distributed in 38 markets and plans to expand its footprint in current and additional markets.

Santiago Suarez, Co-Founder and Chairman of Mezcal Amores/Amarás had this to say about the transition; “We very much appreciate the hard work from Hotaling over the last 5 years and their efforts to help us enter the U.S. market. With the growth and results in the U.S. so far, we have the opportunity to manage our own sales and marketing efforts.”

Assisting Mezcal Amarás in this transition are two senior industry executives; Rob Warren (formerly with Seagram and Diageo) and Arthur Shapiro (also formerly with Seagram). Both will report to Enrique Gavica, CEO of Mezcal Amarás (formerly with Brown Forman), who said; “We are delighted to have these two amazing industry experts assisting in the transition of our business in the U.S. We strongly believe their expertise and passion will help us build a sustainable platform and reach our full potential in the U.S. market,” said Gavica.

Amarás translates in English to “You will love”; this philosophy turns everything about the mezcal portfolio into a true labor of love; love of the land, love of the people, and love of the hard work to bring the Seed to sip products to market.

While nearly all mezcal producers talk about sustainability; Mezcal Amarás looks at these efforts as a sustainability journey. In addition to harvesting a variety of cultivated and wild agaves; Mezcal Amarás plants ten agaves for each one harvested. Furthermore; the company re-uses the agave fibers for composting and for adobe bricks. The Amarás team provides microloans and fair-trade programs for the maestros mezcaleros they work with; the real alchemists behind the mysticism of mezcal.

Mezcal Amarás is also very much committed to giving back to the people and the land; spending 15 percent of the company’s net profit on a range of sustainability and community projects in Mexico.

According to Santiago Suarez, “Our greatest strength is our philosophy. We are committed to continuously learning from our mezcal producing communities and preserving our trusted relationships with them. We strive to produce high quality mezcals while being as sustainable as possible; he went on to add; “We look at our business as an inspiring project made with love and a journey to provide sustainability with a social conscience.”

Luis Niño De Rivera, Amarás Government Affairs and Global Ambassador, said; “Amarás Espadin and Amarás Cupreata — both of which are uniquely and specially produced — have shown strong traction and gained many followers and fans among U.S. drinkers. In particular, Mezcal Verde, which uses different types of wood to produce a perfect touch of smoke and was created especially for cocktails, is becoming a favorite of bartenders and growing rapidly” when referring to the U.S. results so far.


About the Company
Mezcal Amores/Amarás — “a project made with love.”
The brand Mezcal Amores was founded in 2010. The founders fell in love with what they believe is the best distillate in the world — appreciating the smells, flavors, and traditions of the communities where mezcal is produced. Realizing that mezcal was not well known and appreciated, they created Amores (known as Amarás in the U.S.), a sustainable and social consciousness project. The foundation of the company is to share the passion and devotion to the roots of Mexico, honor the earth, and dignify mezcal in the world. Mezcal Amores is the top selling super premium brand in Mexico and #2 in the overall category. It is also among the leading mezcal brands sold in Europe.
About the Portfolio
In the U.S., the Mezcal Amarás expressions honor the land by showcasing the terroir and are fermented naturally in the open air. Mezcal Amarás is 100% artisanal, handcrafted, organic and natural. At the core of the portfolio are two variants — Amarás Espadín and Amarás Cupreata. Amarás Espadín exudes floral aromas that lead to flavors of wood and mango with a slight spice finish. It is created by a cooperative located above the Valley of Oaxaca. Amarás Cupreata is made from the wild and rare Cupreata agave found only on certain mountain slopes in the Rio Balsas basin in Guerrero and yields notes of leather, cocoa, toasted pumpkin seed, and a hint of wet earth aroma. Rounding out the portfolio is Verde Momento, which comes from the famed mezcal producing region of Oaxaca and uses a blend of three types of wood in the agave roasting process — ocote pine, holm oak, and pepper tree. These woods provide a distinctive flavor profile with the perfect touch of smoke. Created especially for cocktails, Verde is bottled with more than a dozen labels bearing artwork from emerging artists in Mexico.