Mezcal Amarás Philosophy is a homage
to the work of the production communities.

From the day it was born, Mezcal Amarás reason for existing is its Philosophy. The goal is to create win-win relationships from the field to the final consumer, producing a high quality Mezcal. The Amarás Philosophy starts with the love for our roots, with the mindset of taking care of the land, its ecosystem and the people who work it.

Replanting Program

We plant 10 agaves for each agave we use, with this practice we are creating new jobs in the producing areas avoiding the extinction of the species.

We do not use wild agaves that don’t have a replanting plan as it would affect the natural resources of the area and its communities. For that reason, in Amarás we plant wild agaves before launching a Mezcal.

100% Natural Fermentation

To offer a better product to the final consumer, we strive to create a more natural product, that’s why we work with organic agaves and our fermentation process is 100% natural, without adding any chemicals. At this stage, when the alcohol molecule is created, we only use the environment natural bacteria and yeasts.

Future Price

We plant with small producers in order to distribute the wealth so that they don’t be affected by the price fluctuations, that’s why Mezcal Amarás ensures regular incomes based on a previously agreed upon price range and allows agave growers to have a vision towards the future.

Horizontal Growth

We produce artisanally and grow horizontally with 12 Maestros Mezcaleros. We add more Maestros Mezcaleros in order to preserve traditions, maintain Mezcal craftsmanship, distribute wealth and to create more jobs in the most marginalized             areas.

Fair Price

We pay a fair price for each liter of Mezcal we buy from Maestros Mezcaleros, always seeking to improve their quality      of life.

15% of the Net Profit Contributed in Sustainability Projects

The Amarás Philosophy goes beyond all of the items above. Our commitment is to donate 15% of net profit of each bottle sold to the support the producing communities and to preserve the fauna and flora of Mexico.